• Empathy for the Maintainer

    I’ve been thinking a lot about communication and code quality over the past couple of years. It’s nothing new of course, I’m not the only one, but I believe that most of ways we address it start with a wrong perspective, and a wrong focal point.

    (this is a heavily edited and expanded text version of my lightning talk at PyCon PL 2019)

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  • How auth works in EKS with IAM Users

    This was not trivial to find: how exactly does authentication and authorization work in EKS if you want to use IAM Users or Roles to authenticate?

    As an example, what happens when you run kubectl auth can-i get pods?

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  • My main code quality guideline

    …is not succintness, removing duplication, reducing the number of nested loops, any particular naming scheme or a style guide. It is, instead, asking myself the question how tricky will the code be to understand if I have to fix it after switching to something else for half a year?

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  • Remote work

    File under “blog posts I had on my TODO list for a long time, but now that I found it written by someone else I can just link to it” category.

    “Why I only work remotely” - Yah Lhert

    This is precisely why I have been strictly filtering out all job offers that require majority of work to happen on site, at a physical office.

  • V-REP kinect + ROS + rgbdslam


    In which I share negligible amounts of code resulting from surprisingly time consuming research to get it right, along with some gotchas encountered on the way. In the hope it will save someone else the time: here’s an example of how you hook up a kinect simulated by V-REP to rgbdslam.

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  • Reset

    Being fed up with WordPress I’m switching my home page over to static files generated by Jekyll. Which means that old blog posts go into the “let’s see when I feel nostalgic enough to put in the work to convert them” limbo for the time being.