Marcin Kaszynski
Experienced senior dev, team lead, CTO, spent almost two decades architecting and building distributed systems, client-server software in C++ and Java to websites in Python/Django/JS to data processing backends to API servers in Go to mobile app code in C++ again.
Coding, analyzing requirements, managing, testing, marketing – been there, done that, failed at least once at every single one.
Collectively / GetTheMemo team lead2014 – now
We tried to improve the way people work by providing them with safe places to discuss it honestly. py go Django Djinni c++ Android iOS
ConfusedGecko co-founder 2015 – now
Indie game studio. Published one minimalistic experiment so far. Unity Android iOS C PureData
Built data importing, processing, and publishing modules for a delivery chain reporting and optimisation system. py Django
Codility senior dev 2009, 2013 – 2014
I worked here twice. First time I built most of the recruiter UI while moving most of Codility from PHP to Django. Second time: coding and team mentoring. py Django js
SetJam cto 2009 – 2013
We built a system to normalize TV and movie data across multiple, high-noise online sources. Acquired by Motorola Mobility in 2011. py Django java js
Transition Technologies dev, team lead 1998 – 2008
Designed, built, installed, oversaw data acquisition and analysis systems for heavy industry. c++ java py js
Course in metaprogramming, introspection, iterators, decorators etc on Warsaw University. py co-founder 2011 – 2014
Co-founded the first hackerspace in Poland. hammer chisel grinder heatgun co-organizer 2009
Monthly developer-enterpreneur-designer meetup in Warsaw, possibly the first regular one. phone flipchart handwaving
Oiola co-founder 2008 – 2013
The first Polish website to let users manage registrations to conferences, workshops or get-togethers. py Django js
Warsztaty IT founder 2008 – 2009
Started a company around programming courses, starting with Django. py Django